NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Health) is Here for You..Parents and Family Need Help Too!

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw so many people attending the Palm Beach County NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) lunch and learned that our guest speaker was Christine Stapleton. ┬áMy daughter and I gained much strength and understanding … Continue reading

On the Eve of the James Holmes Trial..

  After watching the talking heads and pundits, especially on HLN, dissect the last few trials like they were entertainment with actors not actual people just like they are, and hearing them decide guilt or innocence or passing judgement before … Continue reading

Lessons from the Mental Hospital

My Mom, NAMI, and Letting Go…For Parents of Those Who Suffer

My Mom, having raised three daughters with a smorgasbord of issues, decided that at 72 years old she was going to go down to the National Alliance of Mental Illness near her home in Florida, and get the facts on … Continue reading