Lessons from the Mental Hospital

May Matthew’s legacy be a catalyst to real change…

May all the hope, faith, and love Rick Warren spread to so many return to him and his family ten fold following the passing of his son. Hopefully in Matthew Warren’s name they will find the strength to force the … Continue reading

RIP Matthew Warren..And Thus, Again, For Those Who Suffer…

http://www.christianpost.com/news/rick-warrens-son-takes-own-life-after-lifelong-battle-with-mental-illness-93388/ And here we are again, another tragedy for another family that fell victim to the harsh realities of mental illness. No one is immune, and no one who does not suffer or has a love one who suffers can … Continue reading

RIP Kurt Cobain

RIP Kurt Cobain

19 years ago tomorrow Kurt Cobain, a musical genius and a man who may have done amazing things with his life, committed suicide. If you see something, say something-If a friend is in distress or “off” ask them if they … Continue reading

My Mom, NAMI, and Letting Go…For Parents of Those Who Suffer

My Mom, having raised three daughters with a smorgasbord of issues, decided that at 72 years old she was going to go down to the National Alliance of Mental Illness near her home in Florida, and get the facts on … Continue reading

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” ― Dr. Seuss

A Woman was suffering guilt, shame, and regret from the sins she committed before she started recovery. The self-loathing, and the negative self-talk were taking over her days, leading her to a toxic place where her physical health was deteriorating. … Continue reading

Where can I unpack this luggage?? Please advise…

Where should I put this luggage?? The cards I had been dealt have been reshuffled, reorganized, and played differently in the last five years. The beauty of surrendering to what is, the hand you have before you, is freedom, and … Continue reading

Hey America!? Hey NRA Guy!? Yoohoo Joe Biden Commission!?…Some Notes From the Asylum…

AND as we find out that Jodi Arias’ parents were in fact aware something was very wrong with their daughter, and they wanted and tried to help but she is an adult and thus they could not. For all of … Continue reading

For Those Who Suffer…

  I was so grateful on every level when I heard Pastor Rick Warren and his wife say that they will use the suicide of their beloved son Matthew and his decades long struggle with mental illness and major depression … Continue reading