On the Eve of the James Holmes Trial..

    After watching the talking heads and pundits, especially on HLN, dissect the last few trials like they were entertainment with actors not actual people just like they are, and hearing them decide guilt or innocence or passing judgement before all the facts were in or even after, I fear for the upcoming James Holmes trial. That will be a trial with heavy mental illness testimony and psychiatric evi…dence to prove or disprove that he was mentally ill at the time of the horrific theater shootings–and we will have Nancy Grace, JV Mitchelle, Vinnie Politan etc, even Dr. Drew (who is an internist not a psychiatrist), opining discussing and dissecting information in their bias, uninformed and unqualified way. When it comes to mental illness and mental health any opinions not based on facts and scientific/medical findings by qualified doctors and professionals to discuss that can explain it properly will be a huge set back and dangerous to all of our efforts to end stigma and spread the truth and facts about mental illness and mood disorders. I wish it was not going to be televised, but barring that, does anyone have a plan to keep track of the false information or uninformed commentary or any ideas on how to curb the side show that will inevitably be unending during the Holmes trial?See MoreImage

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