4 thoughts on “Be Brave With Your Own Story, So Others Can Be Brave With Theirs

    • Sorry about the delay-been away. Thanks so much for reading my stuff, and for being so honest in your blog. Every one of us that speaks out makes the road easier, and for those many many who never get help or say anything is wrong maybe they will stumble on our stuff and get the courage or inspiration to see if they need help of some sort. Never ever listen to anyone who says to keep our illnesses to ourselves, how stupid and ignorant. If people kept epilepsy or cancer or heart disease to themselves-then what? I am so disgusted that every life threatening disease gets the attention and respect they deserve except when it concerns the brain..the brain?!? It’s the computer running the body and it is sub when it comes to societies perception. We have to keep it up, and as long as people like us are not afraid of the what ifs of being honest, there is hope for those who come in our wake. There are way many more people suffering, we were just smart enough to know it and take positive action to turn it around. Amen! Stay in touch-and thanks again so much!! xomk

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